Dear Competitor “C”, all that snaps are not snapshots!

Benchmarking for truth
Benchmarking for truth

Common sense tells us that the creation of recovery points for applications from storage snapshots should be faster than the traditional methods of backing up the entire dataset. The storage solutions in the market have matured to provide space efficient recovery points through snapshots. A backup and recovery solution can make use of storage snapshots to create recovery points and provide additional values like information life cycle management and content indexing.

The faster you create a recovery point, the better the possibility of achieving aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs). For example, if it takes 10 minutes to create a recovery point, the best possible RPO is also 10 minutes. Storage snapshots are great candidates for achieving such aggressive recovery points. This is the reason industry analysts vouch for storage snapshot integration in backup and recovery solutions.

However, a competitor to Symantec NetBackup (let us call this vendor as Competitor ‘C’) had been fooling industry analysts for a few years. Competitor ‘C’ positions itself as a ‘leader’ in storage snapshot integration. It received some brownie points for ticking the checkboxes in supporting multiple storage vendors. Symantec had commissioned an independent third party benchmarking company to validate the truth in this vendor’s capability. The result had been shocking.

Check out my official Symantec blog for the gory details.

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