Executive MBA

Dave's Note App ScreenshotExecutive MBA program has two sides. On one side, you are dealing with the horror of drinking from fire hose while balancing work and personal life. On the other hand the program provides the most fun-filled networking moments for a budding leader. This page is related to a social experiment for one of our group projects. Meet Mr. Dave, he is popular in our class for a bunch of reasons. One is his exceptional note taking skill while multitasking. Our idea is to create an app (for iPhone and Android) that will help Carlson Executive MBA (CEMBA) students to relive the two sides, horror and fun, of this awesome program. As part of this effort, what we are really trying to do is to experiment with search engine optimization, a bit of search engine marketing and above all, learn about the virality of social networks.

We have often heard from CEMBA Alumni that they truly miss the school days afterwards. No need to worry, how about an app for reliving those moments? At the horror side, we give you updated business school notes to get you some well deserved knowledge refresh. That is two years of learning packed into one simple app! At the fun side, we will show how to go from classroom to kegger.



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