NetBackup 101 for VMware Professionals

Are you a VMware certified professional expanding the horizon to become a cloud pilot? Data protection platform for a cloud service provider is the air that moves the business forward. Whether you are seeking this expanded role in an organization with private clouds or in a large cloud service provider, learning world’s largest enterprise data protection platform is a nice addition to your resume. This blog is a humble beginning of NetBackup 101 for VMware professionals. This is an attempt to introduce NetBackup using  the terms and features you had mastered while preparing for that VCP exam.

  1. From VMware Administrator to Cloud Pilot
  2. NetBackup domain and vSphere domain
  3. NetBackup master server and vSphere vCenter server
  4. NetBackup media servers and vSphere ESXi hosts
  5. NetBackup Intelligent Deduplication Pool
  6. Introduction to VMware APIs for Data Protection (VADP) 

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